Front Street

Friday, January 05, 2007

By Gigi

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t dislike gays, lesbians or trans-gendered people at all. My concern is gay men; especially gay Black men, who date, marry, copulate and father children with clueless women, specifically Black Women. These “down-low” men are infecting Black women with HIV and other STDs. It’s an epidemic!!

These men are selfish and unwilling to “come out” of the closet and be truthful. They’d rather cover-up their sexuality and impersonate straight, heterosexual men. They are so selfish that they will cover up, lie and involve poor unsuspecting women. My advise to young women: Since these men cannot be trusted, please, you must insist on a condom… hell, even two!! Because until these men receive in-depth counseling to become emotionally well-adjusted, mature and responsible human beings to understand their sexuality and the full weight of their reckless actions, trying to have a relationship with them is futile.
By Gigi

Do any of you use the trains and buses as often as I do? Ya do? Then I know you can relate to what I’m about to say: RIDER RUDENESS!! It’s a brand new year and still my fellow New Yorkers continue to exhibit a lack of decorum almost on a daily basis. I have to contend with: Door Blockers, Litterbugs, Noisy Gum Chewers, Seat Hogs Napping, Leg Sprawlers, Loud Cell Phone Yakkers, people who bring on their shopping carts or 2-3 suitcase bags for me to trip over, women putting on make-up or taking down their hair OR god forbade…I’m inhaling nail polish fumes until I almost pass out and an assortment of unwashed smelly people (and no I’m not talking about the homeless) with stinking breath! And then there are people who must bring and proceed to eat their breakfast (or dinner…depending upon the time of day) on rapid mass transit.

In this MTV/VH1/BET culture—rude, crude and obnoxious behavior rules the day. What ever happened to showing common courtesy to your fellow human being? The lack of manners today is ridiculous; just this morning, as I hung on for dare life to my straphanger as the #36 bus careened down the hill while making a sharp turn, this man with a huge backpack on his back, almost knocked me over as he move down the aisle. “Are you going camping or to work?” I yelled loudly. We’ve gone way beyond the ‘Me Generation’ . We’ve become the ‘Screw You Generation’. I’m tired of seeing grown-ass men not offering seats to the elderly, pregnant or to just any female riders in general. And where I live, they charge and knock over hundred year old women like linebackers just to get a damn seat. What’s up with that? And I swear, if I have to squeeze by another Door Blocker, who refuses to move the hell out of the way…or the idiots who start getting on the train before I can get off, I’m knocking all your asses over!!!

Also, I would like to mention something about pole huggers, who wrap themselves around the poles like they’re in love with it and therefore it’s their personal property, when in fact it was designed for numerous standing commuters. And I haven’t forgotten you tone deaf singers, singing along to your ipods; you pumpkin and sunflower seed eating people that spit your wet shells for others to step on…there—I’m feeling much better now. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


By Gigi

So Pope Benedict XIV “insulted” Islam or the Muslims, stating that their religion is violent…whatever. I do feel that there should be a need for religious tolerance and mutual respect; and if that respect doesn’t materialize, the end result should not be bombings and murders. The Pope has since apologized but not before Sister Leonella Sgorbati was gunned down with her bodyguard outside a clinic she operated in Somalia, in angry retaliation for the Pope’s remarks; as well as other violence that took place in other parts of the world around the same time frame.

It would seem that Muslims can say and do anything they want in regards to other people’s religion; but when it comes to anything deemed insulting or negative about Islam, there are threats of violence and wrong-headed retaliations. Well I say they can’t have it both ways! Any small thing, it seems can anger Muslims and set them on a path to violence without reasonable, intelligent discussions, as far as I’m concern. The violent reactions to the Pope’s statement, in many parts of the Islamic world, justified EXACTLY the Pope’s original statements…and fears.

Okay, so the Muslims want respect for their religion and beliefs—granted. We’ll let them enslave their women, suppress art, science and literature and continue their perpetual hindrance and stagnation of the individuals in their society but only in THEIR country; since they seem to be against anything progressive or creative for themselves or their descendant’s future. They prefer to live in rubble and caves…whatever. But in turn, they must respect the rights of Christians who live in western society to worship how, who and what as they choose. Now take that with you…