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Friday, June 22, 2007

Heads Ups Ladies…And Gentlemen And Watch Your Mouth!
By Gigi

Ladies this just in!!! Oral sex and throat cancer may be linked! The virus that causes cervical cancer maybe linked to throat cancer in people who engage in oral sex. A study of 300 adults found that those infected with the human papilloma-virus, or HPV, who had oral sex with more than six (6) partners were three times as likely to get throat cancer. The research was included in a package of studies and commentary on the virus in an issue of a medical journal. Oral HPV infection occurs in both men and women who engaged in this type of sex and is the main mode of transmitting an oral HPV infection.

Most people with HPV infection, clear without a person showing symptoms. Also HPV is equally transmitted between men and women. Of the 100 people included in her study, only 14 were women. But help is on the way; a new FDA-approved vaccine can prevent girls and young women from getting HPV, but the inoculation has not yet been proven to help males. Women are screened for HPV when they undergo a pap smear for cervical-cancer screening, but doctors do not have methods to look for oral cancers. The only way the disease can be picked up is through visual inspection, most often by a dentist.

Some agree, it was too early to recommend HPV detection in oral cancer screening, because HPV-LINKED ORAL CANCERS HAVE BEEN ON THE RISE FOR MORE THAN TWO DECADES! HPV-associated cancers will eventually outpace those caused by tobacco and alcohol use, which currently cause two-thirds of oropharyngeal, oral cavity and pharynx cancers in the United States. So please, Ladies and gentlemen, invest in dental dams and condoms if you insist upon engaging in this type of sex.