Front Street

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

By Gigi

Former President Bill Clinton is giving President Barack Obama advice on the current economy in his new book. I won’t buy it because I know EXACTLY what he has to say. A couple of highlights include:

1. How the debt ceiling fight made the United States look weak and confused to other countries, which look upon us for guidance. The 2011 debt ceiling fight almost brought the U.S. Department of the Treasury close to defaulting on its debts. Clinton urged Obama to raise the ceiling unilaterally and cite constitutional provisions for doing so…Obama didn’t.

2. And how President Obama should’ve sought and locked down an increase hike while the democrats briefly controlled the house; because the final deal did very little to create jobs or solve longer-term debt crisis.

3. How President Obama can create jobs and make the United States competitive again, especially with China, India and Russia. Such as creating green energy and infrastructure improvements and advocating for reforming the tax code by cutting some corporate taxes and giving businesses greater incentives to hire.

But while blaming the republicans anti-tax Tea Party movement for the cause of the current mess as well as Wall Street—Clinton also blames President Obama for several strategic “misfires” early in his fledgling administration. Clinton criticizes Obama and other democratic lawmakers for not making a stronger and cogent case for the steps they took to stabile the U.S. economy in 2009, like the bank and auto bailouts which prevented another depression and the $787 billion economic stimulus program. While campaigning for democrats in the 2010 midterm elections, Clinton tried to explain to the American people what Obama and the party had accomplished, but his efforts were stymied up against the angry Tea Party who stayed on anti-government message and the democrats had no national message to counter the anti-government Tea Party republicans.

Also, Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden urged the Democratic National Committee to distribute a clear set of talking points to activists so they would know how to discuss what the party had accomplished…but couldn’t persuade them to do so. So, the democrats suffered historic defeats in 2010—losing control of the House and giving up several Senate seats.

Clinton strongly criticizes republicans for taking the country deeply into debt under George W. Bush’s presidency…AND I AGREE!! BUT WHO’S LISTENING?