Front Street

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By Gigi

I sat down late last month and watched HBO’s “Game Change”. I came away with a lot of feelings about it, and one of them is…Sarah Palin probably has ruined America along with John McCain’s desperate choice to drag her out of the wilds of Alaska! This docu-drama was carved out of a book by the same name; and it focuses on Sarah Palin instead of the entire 2008 presidential campaign. Sarah is portrayed as a blithering idiot and a bad liar!!! And if you’re worried that the characterization of Palin is harsh or untrue, well, many of her campaign aides vouches that the portrayal of her is dead on.

Within the racist GOP and Tea party platform, their motto seems to be, “vote for me, I know nothing and hate the same things you do.” Experience, knowledge, accomplishment─these key ingredients’ may no longer matter…at least not to Sarah Palin. And as the 2012 campaign for the presidency comes to a head, the GOP, Tea Party and everything racist and conservative will come roaring from the right proclaiming a hatred of all things Washington, Obama, liberal policies including compromise.


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