Front Street

Friday, November 28, 2008

By Gigi

Happy Thanksgiving!! Three weeks ago, President-elect Barack Obama was voted into the nation’s highest office and is now the most powerful man on the planet. He will ascend the steps of the U.S. capitol January 20th 2009, to take the oath of office, as the first African-American president of the United States. Wow, those steps…those steps have an interesting history of their own—they were built by Black slaves…but that’s a topic for another time. What everyone is still discussing and bandying about? What the hell happened to the Republican Party? They lost this presidential election by a landslide, and from a Black man!!!! What happened during the aftermath of this historical election? Now Republicans are coming out in droves—like attack dogs, denigrating poor Sarah Palin; not that I feel sorry for her in the very least. She is no innocent. She is arrogantly ignorant and should never have seen the light of day beyond the woods of the Alaskan wilderness from which she was dragged. She should have never been standing next to John McCain!!!!

In the beginning, when they found Sarah Palin, they hiked all the way up to Alaska, and once they found her, they had to pry the high powered rifle from her hands, get her out of the lumber jack clothes and make her shiny and new for all the Hillary Clinton “sour grapes” feminists who were still angry that Hillary lost to Obama. Once presented as McCain’s running mate, the press and the Republicans fell in love with her; after all, she was shiny and new and rode high with their adoring adulation. But how the tides have turned!!! These same Republicans now curse her name. They touted her common quality and her “straight talk” and small town “goodness”; all this were suppose to be the Republican’s answer to the snotty, educated democrats complexity, sophistication and elitism. Too bad she wasn’t good enough. The love affair with Sarah Palin lasted all of 4 weeks; simply put…Sarah just didn’t know certain things…things that were supposed to be combined with real skills, imagination and resilience. Simply put, Sarah needed geographical lessons and civics lessons—even elocution lessons would’ve helped. Again, simply put, Sarah Palin wasn’t smart enough or knew enough to be vice-president.

Sarah, frightened people with her “straight talk”. She started to sound really dumb and simple. The American people don’t need any more dumb presidents like Bush. So the Republican Party scapegoat her; but the real problems of the Republican Party started way before Sarah…no matter what or how they’re trying to spin it now that they’ve lost. We can talk about Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber and all the sideshow psychodrama of feminist rage and elite loathing that had little to do with politics and everything to do with cultural prejudices. So these are my thoughts…my pearls of wisdom, and they should take heed.

1. The Republican Party needs to get rid of the virus that is the Christian Coalition. Because their influence and intolerance disguised as a social agenda continues to drive potential voters away in droves. They need to focus on issues such as balanced budgets, the national debt, etc.

2. They need to get back to their true conservative principles of fiscal responsibility and small government. The Republican Party that I remember used to be filled with intelligent people. That was before Ronald Reagan. So what happened? They just let anybody in.

3. Also, and this is a biggie…they have to stop relying on the White racist vote to get them elected and promote a platform of inclusion like Barack did, instead of hate-mongering politics they’ve gotten so good at over the decades. Sarah Palin was doing this, which is why you heard things like, “kill Obama”, “bomb Obama” at the Republican/KKK rallies. McCain allowed her to do this out of desperation and it cost him dearly. So the Republican Party needs to get away from the bible-thumping, backwoods racist freaks that hijacked the party.

4. Stop excluding Blacks; when you look at the Republican Party rallies, they were predominantly White. Barack’s rallies were a rainbow of races and nationalities coming together…INCLUSION, that’s a new word for the Republican Party to embrace…learn it…live it.

In Barack Obama, we get a President that’s politically intelligent with a steely self-discipline and who is valiant in his splendid elegance; also, with the election of Barack, history has been made. It will take time but we must be confident as Americans that he will get the economy moving, solve the credit and housing mess, reduce unemployment as well as reduce forces fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. May God bless him and his family and his cabinet members as well as the rest of his administration.

And as an after thought, the rest of America who did not vote for Barack Obama will have to get over it. Stop hating on Blacks, because Blacks helped to build America to what it is today…for free!!! And we’re not going anywhere and will no longer be denied.