Front Street

Friday, May 13, 2011

By Gigi

The decision to target and kill Osama bin Laden is being applauded by all decent people. Approval to capture or kill this mass-murdering terrorist leader was given by President Obama. It was the right thing to do…it was the right decision, both morally and legally.

Although bin Laden wore no military uniform and held no official military rank, he was an appropriate military target. As the titular and spiritual head of al-Qaida, he was the functional equivalent of a head of state or commander in chief of a terrorist army. So for the rest of the world who denounces and say that the United States actions of entering a sovereign country to kill a mass murderer as immoral and illegal, I say GO TO HELL!!!!!!! And also let the world stop applying a double standard to Israel first and let it start judging the merits and demerits of military tactics such as targeted killing.