Front Street

Monday, November 06, 2006

By Gigi

I’m once again grateful that United Nations Week (September 2006) has passed. Liberal New Yorkers love having foreign leaders in town. Me? I hate it!! My tax paying dollars is used for police protection and private security, Broadway shows and to wine and dine these despots!! Vehicular traffic is always tied up and disrupts morning and afternoon rush hours with street closings and “frozen zones”; mile long limousines parked with the flags of their country flapping in the breeze, motorcades with flashing lights and screaming sirens disturbing the peace. We should be backing up some trucks the minute they step one foot unto American soil and throw their murdering asses in jail!! And why is it when dignitaries and leaders of other countries come into the United States to visit, they feel that it is all right to blame, accuse, point fingers and disrespect OUR President?? And the kicker…in the past, liberal and left-wing traitors usually AND publicly agreed with these despots, because at the time, it fits a preconceived viewpoint! Not anymore it seems (for now). Why?

Charles Rangel, a member of Congress, and in a pretense of outrage, “expressed extreme displeasure” with comments made by the President of Venezuela attacking President Bush, while trying to sell his countries cheap heating oil to us poor Americans. Why now all of a sudden? After all, this is nothing new, except election time is coming up and no liberal want to appear anti-American or disloyal; they need your vote to either remain in office or to seek higher office. President Bush, whether you like him or not IS the President of the United States AND represents the entire country. Any negative comments made by passing dignitaries who are foreign to our lands, should be viewed by Republicans AND Democrats, as an attack on all of us, despite your feelings about the President. Do you think that if we made negative statements about an unpopular foreign leader and his countries policies while enjoying their hospitality on their countries dime and on THEIR land, that we would make it home in one piece? HELL-TO-THE-NO!!! Some of you Liberals should try that while visiting Iran…your tongue would be in a museum!! LIBERALS AND LEFT-WING NUTS, YOU ARE DAMAGING AMERICA AND I’M CALLING YOU OUT!!!!