Front Street

Friday, July 06, 2007

By Gigi

The trans fat ban in all restaurants and food manufacturers is not the only issue the health officials are grappling with. Cowardly City health officials have buckled under pressure from radical, special interest gay groups and have given in to a plan that would NOT have allowed New Yorkers to switch ‘willy-nilly’, the gender/sex on their birth certificates WITHOUT undergoing sex- change surgery. I don’t even agree if the individual is full on trans-gendered or not…you can’t AND shouldn’t fool or toy with nature. At first, City officials benignly stated that the issue needed further study and review to make certain that it didn’t conflict with federal laws currently being developed…such pretense…whatever. They can delay it until the next coming.

In the past, New York would allow individuals who have undergone sex-change surgery, to get a new birth certificate reflecting the change; but now, the policy was further liberalized to include people who had taken other steps short of actually undergoing surgery...such as taking hormones, wearing a dress and PASSING as a woman…the indignity! New York is truly confused. And of course, what New York doesn’t know, is that this is the only way for gay rights activists to circumvent the NYS marriage laws; how come only I can see this?