Front Street

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


By Gigi

We’ve heard the stories in the past, but just as soon as it appears in the newspapers, it disappears just as quickly─can you say cover up? Just like the Catholic Church, the Jewish community is experiencing its own child sex abuse scandals. But for how long did that go on? No one knows since this particular community is all for hiding information that may lead to public harm and ridicule. Judaism laws against disparagement and slander are designed to protect from gossip. Meaning, rabbi’s are protected─including the identity of the accused. The Jewish community is even more insular and protective of their rabbi’s than the Vatican that shielded the Catholic priests of their misdeeds.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes was put on notice recently regarding his handling of child molestation allegation complaints coming from the Hasidic community. It was asserted that whenever his arm was twisted to arrest the Jewish perpetrator, the police would shoo away the reporters in order to not have the community be embarrassed with a front page picture of a perp-walking rabbi to go with the glaring headlines. It was made clear! THIS COMMUNITY WAS OFF LIMITS!! These criminals were shielded whereas others (Blacks, Hispanics, etc) were not. The New York citizens screamed DOUBLE STANDARD!!

Now, Brooklyn DA Hynes back pedaled with this statement, “We work to protect all Brooklyn kids, no matter their religious affiliation. I intend to put these perverts in jail where they belong. No one should be shielded who commits such a horrible crime. I will prosecute and put the guilty in jail and will not stymie public awareness.” But all this writer is asking, where are the national Jewish religious organizations? They are curiously quiet.