Front Street

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I want to bring something to light because there’s very little discussion surrounding this awful travesty and I think it’s time to bring it to a halt. Modern day Slavery in 2006…is happening right under our noses You’d never think that modern countries would engage in such inhuman practices; but here it is…the Dominican Republic! If the reports and evidence collected by church organizations, United Nations organization and various human rights groups to be believed, what’s actually taking place with the Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic MUST BE STOPPED!!!

Haitian immigrants and their children are routinely abused, both physically and emotionally; and they’re confined to the most primitive conditions imaginable and not fit for human habitation. The Haitians are forced to work for little or no money and their demands for justice only further the anger of the Dominican authorities, who incidentally deport thousands of Haitians to their homeland—right next door. And if those awful conditions weren’t bad enough, they’re denied Dominican citizenship. The ongoing tragedy and the indifference of the officials in DR are astounding. I also add to that list, the United States of America! U.S officials in Washington are aware of this and continue to do nothing! If the U.S were as vigilant about the awful situation in DR as they are about Saddam Hussein dictatorship in Iraq, this problem would have been resolved decades ago without any blood being shed.

Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic; and it would be a monumental achievement if the U.S. can encourage the DR government to not only crack down on the abuses of Haitians, but to treat the Haitians in a manner we have all grown to accept from members of the international community. But given the long history of the abuse and the failure of successive U. S., DR and Haitian governments to act decisively, with speed, and forcefulness, many people are skeptical, including myself, that any changes are forthcoming.

In closing, I think it’s a frigging shame that right here in our Western Hemisphere, such conditions are allowed to persist in the Dominican Republic.