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Thursday, October 06, 2011

By Gigi

President Obama is up against an unprecedented and unusual amount of racist republican obstructionism. He’s tried to negotiate with republican’s because he can’t do it unilaterally. But what I hate the most about President Obama is that ALL the fights thus far that he’s had with the republicans was over money and budgets—and he’s caved each and every time to WHATEVER the republicans demanded! Starting from the first 100 days of his administration in 2009, Obama has caved on:

1. Bush’s tax cuts for the rich
2. The debt ceiling fight
3. The public option piece of the healthcare reform, etc.

In regards to the debt ceiling, he could’ve invoked the 14th amendment and explained to the American people and Congress (since Congress have short memories)—that those existing bills were ALREADY run up by Bush and we have to pay for them!!! And that we CANNOT IGNORE them!!! America is in a crisis—he HAD the American people behind him, because they elected a democrat to be president. So we should expect democratic policies and NOT placate the republicans because they had 8 years!!! And no matter how bi-partisan Obama is towards the republicans, they’re still not going to like him. So once and for all he should stick to his convictions.

And as the 2012 elections draws near, it’s time for President Obama to start highlighting and articulating his accomplishments. He’s actually done quite a lot in the first 3 years of his administration:
1. President Obama prevented a depression
2. Prevented the banks from going under by giving bailouts
3. He STOPPED Congressional Speaker, John Boehner from stopping unemployment insurance for people out of work
4. He forced insurance companies to cover and insure pre-existing conditions
5. He lowered taxes for middle class and poor people
6. He re-started stem cell research
7. He passed a credit card Bill of rights
8. He got the U.S. out of Iraq
9. He signed a nuclear treaty with Russia
10. He appointed 2 minority women to the Supreme Court
11. He’s reforming education (No Child Left Behind)
12. And he’s killed 2 very important terrorist, one of them Osama Bin Laden thereby crippling Al Qaeda

President Obama has the same problem like Former President Jimmy Carter; he’s unable to deliver his message of accomplishments effectively. He’s not touting his achievements because he doesn’t want to seem as if he’s pandering, meanwhile the republicans are campaigning on his and the other democrats mistakes. President Obama had better wise up…AND SOON!!!!!


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