Front Street

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

By Gigi

Our laws and culture cater more to wealthy people: they have tax breaks, industry-written laws, bailouts and de-regulation. All of this makes the lives of the top 1% a little cushier. Bush once stated that his tax cuts for the rich would create jobs, but it didn’t. Taxpayers bailed out corporate America but they refuse to create jobs, instead they’ve laid people off and they’ve divided up the profits to purchase more private airplanes and mansions for themselves. Multi-national corporations have taken jobs from America that has unions and pension and healthcare to overseas where it’s cheaper, such as to China and India.

Congressional republicans are killing the middleclass by allowing multi-national corporations to be taxed only 5%, if they bring 1.4 trillion of their overseas profits. This was tried in 2004, and it didn’t create jobs. That was a blatant lie. The company’s took the savings and paid it out to themselves in dividends. Every congress for the past ten years has raised the debt ceiling, but for the first time in history (and I think it’s because we have a Black president) Congress has tethered the debt ceiling and include it to normal budget talks.

The republicans ran up ALL the debt, bought all the wars without paying for it, but yet they’re supposed to be the party of business. So what did congress do to bring President Obama and the rest of the democrats to their knees? They played ‘chicken’ with the budget and recession and would rather bring on the depression if need be, just to win the next presidential election, lower America’s triple A credit rating and bring the entire country down!!!! Can anyone say TREASON!!!!!

Even Warren Buffett the billionaire, stated you cannot link the debt ceiling with regular budget talks. The republicans hate Obama so much, that if he didn’t agree with his demands, they would’ve destroyed America’s economy and the world’s economy. I’m now convinced that the republicans are the new Dr. Evil!! Because the United States was already in debt BEFORE the Obama administration…by borrowing money from China (now China owns large amounts of prime American real estates) and issuing treasury bonds.

Now republicans refuse to listen to common sense. John Boehner, the Speaker of Congress is blaming Obama for not creating jobs! WHAT?!? It’s up to Congress to do this and they’ve yet to vote for any job creating programs; instead they’ve spend all their time going after Medicare, planned parenthood, social security, Obama’s birth certificate and Michelle Obama’s trips abroad!!! The reason? They want unemployment to be lousy so that they can win the next election! And they probably will because largely, the American public are stupid and naïve and can’t see the forest for the trees to what the republicans are doing and most are racist and resentful that a Black man is in the White House. So they’ll probably once again vote against their own interest; and instead, vote for big business, not realizing that most of us are low or middle class. What banks and corporations did in 2007-2008 on Wall Street is slowly fading from the memories of the average American public. And that’s sad.


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